Officers of the Manitoba Widows Sons

  • Grand Council Officers

    President: Breaker
    Vice President: Duck
    Secretary: Maverick
    Alliance Representative: Grumpy

  • Bison Chapter Officers

    President: Razor
    Vice President: Metric
    Sergeant at Arms: TBD
    Secretary/Treasurer: Griff
    Guardian of Membership: TBD
    Road Captain: Chopper

  • Grand Chapter Officers

    President: Merc
    Vice President: Dutch
    Sergeant at Arms: TBD
    Secretary: AZ
    Treasurer: TBD
    Guardian of Membership: Victor
    Road Captain: TBD

  • Memento Mori Chapter Officers

    President: Breaker
    Vice President: Rib
    Sergeant at Arms: Chief
    Secretary: Stick
    Treasurer: Nova
    Guardian of Membership: Tex
    Road Captain: Machine

  • Rosslyn Chapter Officers

    President: Duck
    Vice President: Grumpy
    Sergeant at Arms: Reo
    Secretary: Gator
    Treasurer: Maverick
    Guardian of Membership: Slick
    Road Captain: Stone